Life story work shown to help with dementia

According to researchers at the UK’s University of York, life story work – like the kind that Narratio Vitae does for its clients – has good potential to help those suffering from dementia.

The University of York scientists reported in early September that “Conducting a national survey of family carers and dementia service providers, along with an in-depth analysis of life story work in six care homes and four hospital wards, researchers tested the feasibility of doing a full scale evaluation of life story work in these settings.  The study concluded that life story work has the potential to help people with dementia, but a full scale evaluation is needed.”

Here’s hoping the full scale study confirms the initial findings.  At Narratio Vitae, we’re already certain that the act of digging through old pictures, reviving foggy memories, and piecing together partial genealogies can recharge long-dormant synapses.

Researchers have found that life story development can help reduce the effects of dementia.


Narratio Vitae is live!

Narratio Vitae (“life story” in Latin) is a fresh concept in ancestry research.  We write thoughtful family narratives based on customers’ existing research, and then we build interactive websites using those narratives.  The end product is an easily accessible and durable product that customers can share with their family and friends, and use to encourage conversations among the family.

We’re just getting started and we’re eager to hear from you.  If you’re considering developing your own family tree or family history, please send us a note at or call us at (571) 351-0106.