Let us write your family history before the memories are lost. 

At Family History Intelligence, our expert genealogists and family historians thoroughly research your ancestors, providing you with an eye-catching, interactive online family history narrative that you can pass down from one generation to the next. Differing from Ancestry.com — do-it-yourself research with overwhelming amounts of raw data — Family History Intelligence does the work and preserves your family legacy.

How do you trace my family history? 

Our team takes your fragmented family stories and piecemeal ancestry research as a starting point, then we leverage our skills and resources to investigate your ancestry with precise detail, robust data and credible sourcing.

Then, we package your details into an easily accessible, editable and interactive online narrative (a website!) that can endure for generations to come. We also welcome your family photos and records, which we can scan and embed in your dynamic family history website.

How can I get my preliminary dig?

Simply provide a few details below and our Family History Intelligence genealogists will reach out to organize payment and get to work. We’ll embark on a preliminary dig into your unique ancestry to discover if there is enough data out there to craft a robust family narrative for you. Within one week, you’ll receive a custom project proposal, along with the results of the preliminary dig, which will include an estimate for how far back we may be able to trace your family history. The cost of your preliminary dig will be applied towards your project, should you decide to proceed.

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