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The Story of our Schladen Ancestors

This is the story of our Schladen ancestors, whose known roots reside in Bischwiller, Bhis-Rin, Alsace, France. Living along the French-German border and subject to fluctuating rulers and increasingly invasive laws, our ancestors emigrated in the mid-19th century. Settling in Trumbull County, Ohio, they helped establish the Apostolic Christian community and worked hard to raise their families. This is their story, starting with our 5th-great-grandfather Jean Schladenhauffen I and ending with our grandfather George Schladen.

“…Firmly Rooted.” Our Huxley and Webb ancestors

Our Family Links to the Underground Railroad in Washington County, Indiana (link not provided for privacy purposes)

The Fischers, Knights, Clarkes, Gilberts and Julians: American founders

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