Family History Intelligence can serve as a natural value-add to your business.

End-of-Life Planning Partners

Through our partnership with your End-of-Life Planning business, we offer your clients a high-end, meaningful, and sentimental product. We are open to discussing various approaches to incorporating our services into your business’ suite of services. 

  • Our findings facilitate heartfelt discussions among family members, bringing connection in a time when it’s needed more than ever.
  • We take complex research and simplify it for the client through captivating storytelling that family members of all ages can enjoy.
  • Our projects not only preserve legacies, but build them out more than our clients could have ever imagined.
  • With our modern approach to delivering a digital product, the family can continue to update the website as they build their own family history and multiple family members can access it at any time.
  • Put simply, our clients love interacting with us! While we’re data folks, we’re also people people. Our team’s warm, thoughtful approach with clients is exactly what they need during a difficult time.

Corporate Gifting

Do you want to offer a meaningful gift to that special employee or valued client? Our services are perfect and we can offer various pricing for different packages. We just partnered with Unwrapit to include our services in their list of offerings curated for businesses looking to give special and timely gifts.

Let’s work together

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