Family History Intelligence can serve as a natural value-add to end-of-life service clients.

Through our partnership with your End-of-Life Planning business, we offer your clients a high-end, meaningful and sentimental product. We are open to discussing various approaches to incorporating our services in your business’ suite of services. 

Why End-of-Life Planning Business Love Working With Us:

  • Our findings facilitate heartfelt discussions among family members, bringing connection in a time when it’s needed more than ever.
  • We take complex research and simplify it for the client through captivating storytelling that family members of all ages can enjoy.
  • Our projects not only preserve legacies, but build them out more than our clients could have ever imagined.
  • With our modern approach to delivering a digital product, the family can continue to update the website as they build their own family history and multiple family members can access it at any time.
  • Put simply, our clients love interacting with us! While we’re data folks, we’re also people people. Our team’s warm, thoughtful approach with clients is exactly what they need during a difficult time.

Services We Offer Your Clients

Our genealogists take our clients’ fragmented family stories and piecemeal ancestry research as a starting point, then we leverage our skills and resources to investigate their ancestry with precise detail, robust data and credible sourcing. 

We package our research and findings into an easily accessible, editable and interactive online narrative (a website!) that can endure for generations to come. We also integrate our clients’ meaningful family photos and records so their sentimental pieces and our findings are melded into one, cohesive story.

  • Personalized Project Plan
    • We discuss our clients’ interests and available historical information, develop a research plan, and then provide a plan and cost estimate.
  • Narrative Building with Historical Context 
    • Family Tree: Our team begins each project by building out a Family Tree, verified with our findings. 
    • Ancestor Biographies: We write narratives for each ancestor. In contrast with most genealogists’ technical writing, we provide a feeling for characters and events with historical context and family information. Check out some examples here.
  • Research & Family Interviews
    • Virtual Interviewing: We conduct genealogical research and also draw on our clients’ oral and written family history for the project, integrating these stories, documents, pictures, videos, etc. into the narrative.
    • International Networks: Our genealogists access diverse international databases and records to unearth unique findings.
  • Custom Website 
    • Interactive Family Blog: Family History Intelligence incorporates the ancestors’ narratives into a custom, private website, creating an interactive family history blog that preserves the family’s legacy for generations to come. Relatives can easily share and add to the story. All of the documents and data we find is uploaded onto the site for a library the families can forever access. 

Let’s work together

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