Family History Intelligence works with families and individuals to develop thoughtful narratives of your ancestors’ and living relatives’ lives.  We’re genuinely interested in preserving these memories and building engaging stories.  Too often, people make promises to pass their stories on, but time and mundane responsibilities get the best of them, and those memories are eventually lost forever. We want to help you build a family narrative and prevent the loss of your family memories.

Family History Intelligence has membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists and complies with their code of ethics.

What does Family History Intelligence deliver?

First, Family History Intelligence discusses your interests and your available historical information with you, develops a research plan based on your interests, and then provides a plan and cost estimate to you.  Half of your total payment will be due before research begins.

Second, based on our established research plan and your interests, Family History Intelligence conducts genealogical research into your family members’ lives, develops a family tree, integrates your existing family history stories into the new genealogical research, and writes narratives for each of the individuals included in the research plan.

Third, Family History Intelligence reviews the narratives with you, and then prepares to publish the narratives in a WordPress blog format.  Family History Intelligence will publish the blog upon receipt of your final payment.  You will then have complete control of the blog and its contents (we’ll show you how it works).

What’s different about Family History Intelligence‘s product?

Family History Intelligence draws on your family’s oral and written history to build a moving narrative that places your relatives’ stories in the context of the historical events of their time.  In contrast with most genealogists’ technical writing, our narratives provide a feeling for  characters and events.  Our choice of a WordPress blog format makes your family narrative immediately accessible to younger generations, to whom these stories are often lost.  Your family will be able to use the blog to communicate about the family history.  The blog format also makes your stories shareable to a much larger audience on social media and on popular genealogy websites.

How long does the process take?

Family History Intelligence’s most basic family narratives can take a few weeks to complete, but others can require more time depending on the difficulty of research and the complexity of your family’s history.  An example of a complexity is a missing link in your family chain that requires extensive original research to be found.  Another example is a mistake in your existing family narrative that requires extensive original research to fix. We’ll provide a time estimate based on our initial research plan, and we’ll modify the time estimate if we encounter any complexities.  We’ll work closely with you to avoid surprises.

How much does all of this cost?

Family History Intelligence offers customized products to suit your story and needs! Estimates and proposals are offered after your $50 preliminary dig. Estimates may range between $1000-$5000+ depending on available information, how far back the client would like to dig, and how expansive the project is scoped.

We recognize this may seem out of reach for some families, and we suggest cost-sharing among family members.  For example, a $3,500 effort could be split among ten family members, costing each $350. We accept payment via Venmo, Zelle, credit card via our shopify website, and personal check (made out to Family History Intelligence), and will work with each client to make the process as easy as possible.

Does Family History Intelligence offer additional services?

Yes.  For additional fees, Family History Intelligence can assign certified genealogists to conduct extensive original research into your family history; Family History Intelligence can conduct additional oral history interviews in person or over the phone (or Skype, etc.); Family History Intelligence can publish your family history as a book or in other hard copy formats; Family History Intelligence can build printable and postable family tree charts; Family History Intelligence can travel to conduct in-person or other research.  Generally, we’ll work with you to understand your interests and attempt to find creative solutions to just about any challenge.

Where do we start?

Contact Family History Intelligence by requesting a preliminary dig, emailing, or by calling us at (703) 214-7112.  We’ll gather the family history information you already have, including written and oral information.  We’ll review this information with you to understand how far along you’ve gotten and to understand your intentions and interests.

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