Cost-split your family history project with payment apps

Are you interested in developing your family history, but the cost seems prohibitive?

At Narratio Vitae, we recognize the difficulty of balancing your interest in developing your history for posterity against your need to pay your bills.  To make this balancing act easier, we recommend cost-splitting your family narrative.  Cost-splitting minimizes the cost for individual family members and has the added benefit of attracting stronger family participation in family narrative development.

Two cost-splitting apps make it incredibly easy to collect funds from far-flung relatives and friends, and to send those funds to Narratio Vitae for payment:

PayPal: PayPal’s Send Money app allows users with accounts to send money directly and securely to email addresses and mobile phone numbers.  Account holders can track each other’s payments and debts on the app.  If you’re organizing a family narrative with Narratio Vitae, you would simply ask your relatives to set up PayPal accounts and send a certain amount to you, and then you would transfer the final sum to Narratio Vitae’s existing PayPal account.

Venmo: Similar to PayPal’s system, Venmo allows users with accounts to share costs on its app, but Venmo emphasizes the social aspect of purchases by allowing users to discuss the purchase in real time on the app.  If you’re organizing a family narrative purchase, you would ask your relatives to set up Venmo accounts, and then you could converse with them in the app about the purchase.  The app also allows the group to see each other’s obligations and payments – so you can easily goad parsimonious Aunt Penny into making her payment.

Of course Narratio Vitae also invites its clients to pay with traditional forms of payment, such as credit card and personal check, and will work with each client to make the process as easy as possible.

Save some Georges!

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