Jinns, dybbuks and ghosts…frightening new movies for this Halloween season (part 3 of 3)

At Narratio Vitae (“life story” in Latin), we constantly encounter the undying reflections of our clients’ pasts, and we revel in the thrill of a good ghost story.  This Halloween, three movies reign as genuinely creepy ghost stories.  We highlighted Under the Shadow last week, and here’s a third for your consideration…

OK, so it’s not a movie, but of the 2016 releases, it belongs in the top three with our other selections… American Horror Story seemed to have been going off the rails with seasons four and five, but the new season, American Horror Story: Roanoke, redeems the series, and particularly appeals to history buffs like us.  It’s receiving great reviews.

Roanoke is a story within a story, documenting the haunted lives of a couple who fled their colonial-era home in North Carolina after being assaulted by a gang.  Part of the intrigue is in unraveling a complex network of ghosts.  While viewers’ attention seems to be focused on Lady Gaga’s central character Scathach, a witch, the show develops a host of ghouls based on an (apocryphal) story that the colonists in Roanoke all became ghosts after a “blood moon ritual.”  Be ready for blood and guts.

Lady Gaga appears as Scathach in American Horror Story: Roanoke (Photo: FX)

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