Today’s digital deletion is yesterday’s library fire

The digitization of historical records came with the promise of durability and easy use, but there’s a glitch… as we come to depend on these digital records, we’re not preserving originals the way we used to, and most users are unaccustomed to using the originals.  Many historical digital archives are poorly funded, so if that funding dries up and the site goes dark, both the digitized version and the original version can be unusable.
Wisconsin’s e-archive recently suffered a loss.  Users would have to visit the real archives to scroll through microfiche. (Credit: Sharon Mohandoss, via

A recent article in Slate about the loss of digitized Milwaukee newspaper records reminds us of the fragility of these records.  At Narratio Vitae, we’re dedicated to doing the research into these records to find your family history, and to developing that history into a lasting family narrative.  Get started on your family history before the memories are lost!

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